Saturday, January 23, 2010

Conan Exits With Fun and Class

Tonight was the last episode of Conan O'Brien hosting The Tonight Show. It was a somber and sentimental mood, with craziness thrown in to show that all Conan wants to do is make us laugh. Sure, he took his last jabs at NBC, but he also shared some personal thoughts and a montage of moments that made me laugh and tear up a little.

I teared up because this era came to an end way too soon. But this won't turn into a bash Leno/NBC/Zucker piece. You can read our previous posts for that. Luckily, he didn't skip a beat in this show. Even with millions of eyes on him tonight, he was spot on perfect. He even kept it together when Steve Carell came out to give Conan his exit interview. (Let me tell you, these questions are pretty much what is truly asked.)

Tom Hanks then came out for a while and really just helped lighten the mood some more. Joking together and have a good time, you could see that Tom felt bad for Conan. And in a sense, he's stood up to take sides when he said, "In our house, you will always be the host of The Tonight Show." Granted he did follow that up with a joke, but he was heartfelt in his comment. Next Neil Young came out and sang a song for Conan that wasn't annoying. So that's good.

Then came a great moment. Probably one of the most personal and classy moments a host has ever shared. This is when we saw how much of a better person he is than other hosts.

And again wanting to go out having some fun, Will Ferrell came out dressed as what can only be described as the distant alcoholic uncle of Bret Michaels of Poison. Along with members of ZZ Top, Beck and The Tonight Show Band they rocked out to some Freebird. Finally since the show started, Conan picked up his guitar and wailed away as well. And in a great moment of pushing it for a laugh, Will Ferrell picked up a cow bell and went to town. Awesome. Sadly, this took us out and then there was no more. BUT, I've been thinking about it and as much as I don't like having to wait until probably September to see him turn up on another network; there are still other ways to be entertained. First, if you are a member of Team Conan, jump ship to CBS and enjoy Dave and Craig. As our own Rabbi Marauder said, "If Letterman crushes Leno in the ratings, perhaps we'll be rid of him as well." We're not the only ones who feel this way. Tonight on Twitter Ben Stiller said:

Conan's last speech was classy heartfelt, and moving. He is our generation's TV comedy voice. And hair . On to bigger and better things!

And Will Ferrell's web site,, said:

Masturbating bear. Never watch Leno again. We will follow you. #conanhaiku
Don't think that this is a small majority either. There are many in the "biz" who will be ready to follow Conan where ever he goes. But you know what, here's an example of just how much people in the entertainment industry love his humor. This was his opening from the 2006 Emmy Awards:

Sure, back then it was okay (roughly) to make fun of NBC's failures. Perhaps he even knew that this network was just crazy enough to do something this stupid. But I don't think he ever dreamed that they would be dumb enough to do it. Either way, it's done and we'll have no Conan for a while. So as I toast a drink to Conan, Andy, Max and the entire Conan posse, I'll wait to see where they end up. Team Conan is ready for the new season, and we're looking to win.

See you in September Conan.

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