Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CES 2010: Get Ready For Gadgets, Gizmos, Google and 3D

This week thousands of nerds have descended on Las Vegas, shocked to see that the Star Trek Experience has closed at the Hilton, but pleasantly happy to find that this week two of their favorite things have also arrived....tech and porn. You see the Consumer Electronics Expo always happens the same week that the Adult Entertainment Expo takes place. This of course makes it awkward for those...you know what? Never mind. I was about to go on a little rant about nerds and porn, but it's so easy to do. And you know what? I have no room to make fun because both conventions serve their purpose and I love them both. So let's talk tech!

Today there were two big announcements to get things rolling. So let's first talk about the biggest tech news today. Google officially revealed what we've known about for a long time, their cell phone the Nexus One. The Nexus One was shown to an invitation only crowd today to a very tempered response. There wasn't much that was said that we hadn't already heard. It is currently available for purchase only from the online Google store. The biggest thing going for it is that the phone runs with Google's Android system. Not only is it able to run multiple apps at the same time, but it is not on AT&T's service. Right now if you get it with a contract you'll be with T-Mobile, and in the next few months it will be on Verizon. You can even buy the phone unlocked. And with Android, it is open to third party developers to develop apps. This should guarantee some pretty innovative fart apps coming out soon. But the biggest obstacle going against the Nexus One is that it currently does not have multi-touch. WTF? How can you be going against the iPhone and leave out multi-touch? Perhaps they thought that adding a nice, glowy tracking ball would be enough. Probably not Google, probably not.

The next big news today was the announcement from ESPN and Discovery that they were both launching 3D networks this year. This is a huge and risky step for them. I do think that these are the best options to try this type of venture. Sports or Deadliest Catch in 3D could be freakn' awesome. However, I'll be turning off the 3D TV when Dirty Jobs and Charles Barkley come on. Much of the buzz for this is due to 3D TVs being shown off this week at CES. In a recent interview with G4TV, James Cameron said that he is a big supporter of these televisions and the technology. As he should be. It's because of 3D that his newest film Avatar has grossed $1 billion world wide. While some may "ooh" and "ahhh" at these TV sets at CES this week, that doesn't exactly mean that it will translate into sales. It
has taken a long time for people to finally begin adopting HD, and for networks to shoot and broadcast in HD. Now to ask them/us to invest in something pricey and new is a big request. Especially when they can't guarantee that there will be a lot of 3D specific programming for us to watch. ESPN has said that when the channel isn't broadcasting it will go dark. Discovery 3D will air programs 24/7 and team up with Sony and IMAX to create programming for the channel. So I would expect Sony and IMAX 3D movie being shown over and over until Discovery shoots or converts some of it's programming. But it might be worth it to see Planet Earth in HD3D. If anyone is headed out to CES, can you pick up two for me?

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