Thursday, January 7, 2010

CES 2010: Day 1 (Including the coolest thing...ever!)

Hi tweeps. Today was the official first day of CES. What were some of the things people were talking about today? Let's see:

3D Televisions
Several companies were showing off their new 3D television lines and the reception thus far has been "ho-hum," and, "We have to buy the glasses?" Yeah. Most of the sets being showcased at CES feature active shutters (the lenses flicker at exactly the right ration to give you a better 3D viewing experience) and you have to buy the glasses. Granted you will usually get at least one pair of glasses with your 3D television, but more than likely you'll want to watch something with friends. Well that'll probably cost you a pretty penny. Some of the glasses need to be recharged to keep them working AND you cannot watch the television from the side for it to work. So you will need to have your friends sitting dead center as you rotate who uses the one pair of glasses you received with your incredibly expensive television.

I think that the idea of 3D televisions is great, but it seems as if everyone has jumped in without thinking through the reality of it. Let's be honest, there are two reasons we go out and get a bigger tv. For the quality and to show off to friends. While the idea of having a 3D capable tv is neat, we won't shell out the money for it if our friends can't come over and experience it at the same time. If Hollywood truly wants this to become standard, I think that other avenues need to be explored. We've shared this with an earlier post last year and I think it's worth sharing again. Check out the video below to see how 3D can happen without the need for new televisions or rechargeable glasses. (If you aren't interested in the tech behind it, jump the 2 minute mark. This will blow your mind.)

XBOX 360 News: Project Natal and Retro Arcade
Last year at E3 Microsoft brought out Project Natal to show off. This is their answer to the Wii, but instead of motion control, they have gone to motion capture. That's right, with PN you are the controller. Using two IR sensors/cameras that scan your body, you go through the motions with your games for what looks like a blast.

While they loved showing it off, there was no official release date. It was merely a concept that had us hoping we could get it. Wonder no more my friends. Microsoft has confirmed that PN will hit stores this holiday season. Now we have to wonder which game developers are on board and which will be PN ready.

The other news from Microsoft was for XBOX Live. Get ready for the Game Room. This is a customizable arcade where you, and your friends, avatars can wander and play retro arcade games. No word yet on if you have to line your MS points on the screen to hold your place in line. (For those who did not experience an arcade, or playing at 7-11, we would actually line up our quarters on the screen to hold our place in line. Oh never mind.)

The Coolest Thing Ever!
The title above says it all. Ladies and jelly spoons, it's the Transparent LED Display (not a total catchy name, but it is still in RD and isn't for sale....yet.)

That's some of the news from CES today. Be sure to follow us on Twitter as we tweet the latest headlines throughout the day (and other random silliness). Tomorrow evening we'll bring you some more highlights from CES.

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