Sunday, January 24, 2010


Greetings Geekoids! JeffroGee here! Having a blast as usual here at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Constant rumblings have begun to spill that the doc CATFISH directed/produced by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman is the film to see at the festival this year! Morgan Spurlock landed upon the Library Theatre for it’s premiere clearly as excited to see it as everyone else. Between spottings of Elisabeth Shue at the always fun Yarrow Hotel bar I overheard someone mentioning how incredible the Ryan Reynolds trapped in a coffin flick BURIED is.

Battling a vicious downpour of light Utah snow, I ran into Christopher McDonald whom we all know as Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore (or the open minded Dad from one of my favorites SLC Punk) and asked what film he was stoked for, to which he responded- ”I am here to support a friend’s film about a deaf wrestler titled HAMILL”. Aware of the production about deaf UFC fighter Matt Hamill, we talked some smack and parted ways down the colored lights of Main Street.

And as I nearly took a spill on the icy sidewalk, my mind twisted into itself when I saw a stenciled piece of art from the well-known urban graffiti artist Banksy on the side of the Java Joint wall. Word had traveled that the rebellious street artiste would be in Park City for the fest but I had not seen proof until this moment. It turns out his first film is being played here tonight at the Library Centre Theatre under the title EXIT THROUGH A GIFT SHOP. This has suddenly become the talk of the town as this film is NOT in competition and was listed previously on the schedule as a SURPRISE SPOTLIGHT screening. The main question is...will Banksy reveal his identity at this premiere event?

Short filmmaker ran amok last night in celebration of their premieres as I was very impressed with the film SHIMASANI by Blackhorse Lowe.

I ended up attending a screening of the film HOWL starring James Franco about the life and poetry of beat writer Allan Ginsburg and enjoyed it’s inventive animation and serene style. At the well attended Q and A, a gentleman asked Franco, ”Was cannabis important to you for this role?” To which Franco joked,”I can see it’s important to you!” The crowd laughed and cheered and then Franco, with a cheeky grin replied,”It was around…and I did use it sometimes. Sure.” His role as Ginsburg brings about a very subtle and honest performance of the great poet as the film explores how his work paved the way to free speech and freedom of press.

I somehow made my way to a screening of HOMEWRECKER, a film in the NEXT category that focuses on true low budget filmmaking. Absolutely adored this film and truly am hoping it wins awards and attains a distributor so all of you readers can fall into its character driven spell. Director Todd Barnes gives actors Anslem Richardson and Ana Reeder a hypnotic chemistry as they bounce through NYC attempting to solve relationship issues.

It is merely Sunday and there is a lot of festival left so be ready for more blurbs, blogs, and buzz as we push through the fest! I will certainly try to see the Banksy film tonight with the Fuji Film Party on the backburner. We will see what the buzzings are tonight soon enough..hopefully it will be talk of a Minnseota Vikings win!

JeffroGee out.

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