Thursday, January 14, 2010

UPDATED: And The New Host of The Tonight Show Is....The Old One? is reporting that NBC has signed a deal with Jay Leno giving him back The Tonight Show at 11:35 pm. If correct, and TMZ always is, we can probably expect an announcement from Conan sometime soon. We have insiders that have tickets to attend tonights taping. We'll update as the story develops....

POPped by Team Conan

The Hollywood Reporter is denying TMZ's report. Let's see if Conan has anything to say.

It's possible that a deal is signed that would give Leno TTS if Conan vacates. Let's see who puts out the next story/denial.

Is anyone headed to NBC to protest? We were told only one person showed up at Universal's gates (where TTS tapes) with a "Honk for Conan" sign earlier today.


  1. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  2. I never thought you could retcon the real world, but NBC is certainly trying. The ridiculous thing about it is that you'd think that with the wave of very public sympathy for Conan (via the email bomb campaign, Twitter, Facebook groups), that they'd realize that they're going to lose their prime demographic for the Tonight Show. Which means that they'd lose ad dollars (eventually) in that hour.

    Honestly, it's becoming clear that in order to be an exec at NBC that you need to be a complete moron.