Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Images of 'Tron Legacy'

The original 'Tron' was the first feature film where audiences were treated to large scale computer generated animation. Sure, today we can look back at movies like 'Tron' or 'The Last Starfighter' and make fun of the animation. But come on, let's get real here kiddies, this was along the lines of the same breakthrough of the T-1000 from 'Terminator 2' and the dinosaurs of 'Jurassic Park'. We sat in the theater and thought it looked pretty freakn' cool. What kid wouldn't want a Frisbee that could kill, or a light cycle…that could kill. And now, it's time to bring that desire back. After teasing us in 2008 with a trailer at Comic-Con, and one of the best viral campaigns at Comic-Con 2009, and along with the poster above we get another image from 'Tron Legacy'.

Here's where they visit Apple headquarters:

What say you? Are you excited for 'Tron Legacy', or do you think a new generation will not be able to catch on?

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