Thursday, December 3, 2009

Confirmed: 'Toy Story'....The Musical

It was announced today that in 2011, the Disneyland Resort would be bringing Toy Story to the
stage with 'Toy Story - The Musical'. A couple of years ago I would have scoffed and said, "What? This won't work. It wasn't supposed to be a musical in the first place." Then last year I saw 'Finding Nemo - The Musical' at Disney's Animal Kingdom. I had that same feeling going into it and was very surprised as to how good it was. It wasn't just good for a theme park, it really is a great show. So with this announcement I have some pleasant hopes for it. Toy Story will play at the Hyperion theater which is located in Disney's California Adventure park. This is a very large and impressive theater. When it was constructed Disney had thoughts of it being used as the West Coast home for some of their shows playing on Broadway, and could be used for most of their movie premieres. BUT, for some reason (no money, cough, cough, badplanningallaroundforthispark, cough, cough) the theater was built without a full lobby (guests get to wait in outside holding pens) and no Guest restrooms. At least there are plenty of food carts to nearby to hold them over.

One just hopes that the crew working on Toy Story is the same that worked on Finding Nemo. Disneyland hasn't had very good luck with creating original shows for the parks since 'Fantasmic!'. ('Light Magic' or 'Steps in Time' anyone?) Currently the Hyperion is home to 'Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular' (because 'Aladdin - An Okay Show With More Spectacle Than Substance' just wasn't that catchy). Aladdin will close it's doors next August to make room for Toy Story. So prepare yourselves for the So Cal theme park PR war that will take place in 2011. In the O.C. you have 'Toy Story - The Musical', and that same year in Hollywood you have Universal opening 'Transformers - The Ride'. 2011 looks to be a pretty good year.

You can read the full story from Disney's PR peeps here.

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