Sunday, November 29, 2009

POPped Review: Call of Duty(R) Franchise Surpasses $3 Billion in Retail Sales Worldwide

Sure, MTV and the Twi-tards are excited about 'Twilight: New Moon' coming out on top for the second week in a row. This brings the 2 week total to $230.7 million. But you know what, I laugh at your $200 million. Ha ha ha ha! Because in less than a month, 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' has brought in $3 billion (with a B), and shows no sign of slowing down. In it's first five days of release, the game brought in over $500 million dollars making it the biggest entertainment launch in history. It has taken over the reign from the former record holder, another video game, 'Halo 3'. While Hollywood was trying to figure out what new toy could be a movie, or what tv show hasn't been turned into one; Video Game creators were busy creating something bigger. The world had gone immersive and movie producers could no longer deny that they were beaten. And they were beaten hard by a character most of them had never heard of called 'Master Chief'. The audience that used to chomp at the bit for the next 'Lethal Weapon' movie, became game designers who wanted to be the star themselves. And they figured out not only how to do it, but how to do it well.

While playing COD MW2 I found myself sitting on the edge of the couch, stressing about not getting the shot off in time, or trying to steer my speeding snow mobile between trees just right so that I could launch across the canyon to safety. I was now the lethal weapon. But it wasn't just me. My fiance (who could care less about a game other then 'Peggle') was sitting in the living room getting immersed in the story just by watching. That's when I noticed it. A video game had found a way to entertain just as much as a movie. It does more than entertain.. it brings it to life. The realities of COD MW2 are intense. The U.S. has been set up by a Russian terrorist making it seem as if we were behind an airport massacre. (That being the much talked about scene in the game that you are allowed to skip, which I didn't in order to truly experience the game the way it was intended.) With this, Russia invades the U.S. and all hell breaks loose. You skip between two characters. One being in Special Ops as you pursue the terrorist around the world. In the other you are a soldier fighting on the front line, including Washington D.C. This story pulls you in and doesn't let go. It even throws in a plot twist that made my say, "Whhhhhhuuuut?"

And that's just the campaign portion of the game. There are Special Ops missions that you can play solo or with a buddy. These are just as intense and just as great to play. This game also has some of the best online playing available. Through XBOX Live I was shown that I have no hope of ever being a Special Op with how quick I was wiped out. But you know what? I didn't mind. I was having a blast, and thanks to me, some other players (who were probably well below the recommended age of playing this game) have now risen in the ranks by taking me out. You're little bastards.

That is just the game play. I could also go on with the art work and set design. The environments don't miss a beat, and I couldn't find any lag at all. From climbing the side of a snow bank, to crawling along the ground of the desert..the details are amazing. I found myself just turning my characters head around a lot just so I could try to see everything. I can't wait to continue through more of the Special Ops missions and maybe be able to last more than a few minutes in multi-player.

So POParitaville recommends this as a definite buy. If you have been mulling over getting the game, or even getting a system. This is the one to do it for. $3 billion can't be wrong. While many of you may even be thinking that all this game does is glorify war and violence, I'm guessing you haven't played the game yet. It is neither pro-war or anti-war. It is a story with such realism that it makes you wonder, "What if..?" The rest is up to us to determine.

What say you?

POPped Game Review - Jungle Jesse

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