Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today some 'GLEE' news hit that has GLEEK's in an uproar, some calling foul, and others are just crying. December 9th will be the last new GLEE episode until April 13th of 2010 at 9:00 PM. But that's not even the biggest "WTF" moment for GLEEKS. If you looked at a calendar you would see that April 13, 2010 is a Tuesday. "Well what's so special about that?" This means that FOX has put GLEE against the last season of another show in all capitol letters... LOST. FOX has not always been known for smart scheduling moves. (cough..Firefly..cough..Firefly) And they may be going with the assumption that with American Idol as a lead in, it's a shoe in to be a hit. Not so fast there Mr. Murdoch. By this point LOST will already have aired much of their final season and will either be getting slammed by everyone, or could be an un-stoppable force on ABC. But we'll have to wait until April to find out.

That's not the end of the news. Quite often in reviews on episodes, or while reporting GLEE news, we have embedded episodes courtesy of Hulu. Well my friends, it appears that this may be at an end. I have been told that Hulu is now changing it's rules as to who can embed on their site and when. So until I get a cease and desist order from FOX, enjoy last weeks episode of GLEE courtesy of the fine people at Hulu.com.

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