Monday, November 2, 2009

Dead Celebrity Tweets

Hello followers and tweeps. The response to our piece 'Dead Celebrity Tweets' was fantastic. Everything from "Hey, that's kinda funny" to "You're an idiot." Thank you one and all...jerks. Another common response was "More!" To you we say, abso-freakn-lutely! For those new to this and are wondering what exactly we're talking about let me explain briefly. Who cares what Diddy is tweeting. I want to know what dead celebrities are tweeting. We now give you this latest edition of 'Dead Celebrity Tweets'.

@Hello_Neighbor   Really? I had a character called Mr. McFeely who delivered packages and you STILL let your kids watch?

@BigWill-E   "R&J" opening went OK. Agent says a studio wants to option 4 a movie w/Leo D. & Claire D. Eeek!

@Abe_Froman   Uugh! This play is boring. Next time I get to pick the seats. These ones buh-looow...

@MJ   Don't know why I need to put them in the Will. If I pass away I'm sure they can deal with each other amicably.

@Einstein   Holy crap! Did you see that? I love Mythbusters!

@Chuck   I said that? I meant gum control. Hubba Bubba's my fav.

@MasterRace   J/K

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