Monday, October 5, 2009

Review: 'Zombieland'

WARNING: May contain spoilers!

'Zombieland' is one of the best movies this year. It takes itself seriously as a horror movie, it takes itself seriously as a comedy and it delivers on all of it. In this age where the 2nd A.D. of "Scary Movie" can make an awful parody movie based on just the trailers for other movies, refreshingly 'Zombieland' is not one of those. The creativity of it comes from the two writers of what was a brilliant reality parody called 'The Joe Schmo Show'. (That show came at the very beginning of the reality television craze and is worth getting on DVD.) They've created a world that is usually full of characters panicking about the end of the world and how they're going to survive, and instead added people who have figured out how to survive and are just trying to go about doing everyday things. The main character, Columbus, tells how he has survived by giving us rules he survives by. Examples include 'Rule 1: Cardio'. Because you have to outrun these incredibly fast and limber zombies, not being in shape will just get you eaten. 'Rule 31: Check the back seat'...well, that should be obvious. And you are reminded of these rules becauses when they are using them, they are cleverly put on the screen.

Through events that serve the story, our 4 characters are brought together and decide to out West to Pacific Playland because they hear there are no zombies there. Sounds good to me! Headed in to California they decide to take shelter for the night in Beverly Hills. The zombie plague has wiped virtually everyone out and Woody Harrelson's character Tallahasse decides they should go the home of his favorite actor. So they grab a map to the star's homes and set out
to find it. And find it they do, with one of the best cameos I've seen in a long time. Of course they make it to Pacific Playland, and it's not exactly as zombie free as they thought. This leads to a great showdown, and some of the most creative ways I've ever seen rides used to kill people. (Too soon?)

Bottom Line: I love any movie that will get me wondering what I would do if I was there. This movie does that. If you like horror movies, see 'Zombieland'. If you like comedies, see 'Zombieland'. If you're just not sure, see 'Zombieland'. This movie is a fun ride from start to finish and once we learn the story it starts off with one of my favorite title sequences this year. Be sure to stay after the credits, especially if you're a 'Caddyshack' fan.


POPping off zombies - Jungle Jesse

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