Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review: 'Toy Story and Toy Story 2 - 3D'

While many parents have used these movies to quiet down their kids, or figured they were okay for their kids because they were animated and presented by Disney; in reality the 'Toy Story' movies are arguably two of the best written films in the past 20 years. With the time that has passed, these movies still work. The jokes are timeless and the stories stay relevant. "Why," you may ask? Because from the moment in 'Toy Story' we bond with little Andy and his cowboy toy in the first few minutes of the movie, to Woody losing control of the toys when Buzz Lightyear arrives, up to the momentous time when they're "falling with style" and Woody and Buzz realize that they will be friends forever... we realize that they are our friends forever too. This is a story about friendship. It's one that we can all relate to. Belonging, being accepted, afraid that no one will want us, finding something that's yours and being told that you are my friend. These are themes that cross all ages. With such a fantastic movie that was ground breaking visually, and also an incredible accomplishment in storytelling, how could it be topped?

'Toy Story 2' then came along and proved to not only be better than the first movie, but one of the best sequels ever made. New characters were brought in easily to fill their world to teach us that everything has worth and friendship knows no boundaries. They perfectly fit cowboy movie cliches in with science fiction pop culture references. From it's opening outer space adventure with Buzz, to Woody's great train chase (cleverly done with him on luggage cars on the airport runway). The two features created a perfect trio and watching them this weekend proved that Pixar created characters that are timeless.

How was it watching them in "3D". It was okay. Of course these movies were not made to be in 3D so nothing stands out very much, except for the titles. There are moments where the 3D gives the movies an incredible depth, but it was not needed. In all honesty, wearing the 3D took something away from these movies. You were spending so much time wondering if something was going to pop out in a scene, if it was going to look cool, or adjusting your glasses that you stepped out of the story. Their push for 3D is that it will make you feel like you are a part of the movie, but it ends up taking you out. There is a disconnect that happens. Also, these movies were created with a palette of colors that are eye popping and wearing the glasses dulls it out. The only scenes in the movie that really looked 3 dimensional didn't come until the closing credits of 'Toy Story 2' during the blooper reel. That was the effect they were trying to accomplish and I don't think it effectively worked.

Bottom line: Go and see this double-feature while it's in theaters just to see them again on the big screen. Don't worry if you don't feel like the 3D is sucking you in, the story will do that all over again. For infinity, and beyond.

POPped in the 3rd Dimension - Jungle Jesse

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