Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NERD ALERT!!! Is Comic-Con 2010 Sold Out?

Last night I was shooting the breeze with a friend of mine when she mentioned that it was crazy that next years Comic-Con had already sold out. "What?!?" Being the nerd I am I immediately went to their web site and saw that they are NOT sold out. They are sold out of Preview Night passes. That's it. You can still get a 4 Day Pass, you just won't get into Preview Night (which has turned into an uber-fustercluck anyway). She then apologized for the bad information she got and vowed to walk the Earth for the rest of her life reciting only 'Grease 2' dialogue. (Would you believe she pledged her undying infatuation with me?) Well I figured it was just someone passing wrong information and was a one off. Then today on Twitter I see tweet after tweet that Comic-Con is sold out. I reply to them that they are mistaken and then get another tweet from the same person saying that I'm wrong. Well, while I can admit having wrong information (as one reader pointed out to me on a story a couple of days ago...thank you Ry); I'll admit the wrongness, cuss them out, perhaps slander their family for a few hours and then move on. But this information is getting passed around and may deter people from being able to attend. Or mayyybe.. that's been their plan the whole time! Hmmmm...well played Twi-Tard, well played indeed. But I'm on to you, see. You can't keep me away, or the POP Patrol. Just to prove it to you, take the jump over to Comic-Con's registration page.

Already POPping for July 2010 - Jungle Jesse

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