Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Don’t Own Emotion... I 'RENT'

Yesterday started pretty crappy… I awoke with a nasty headache… had to lay the smack down to a roommate… traffic sucked… and then I got to work. Who doesn’t love a Team Meeting? And then magically the proverbial gray clouds parted with one text message. “What’re you doing tonight? Want to see RENT?”

Anyone who has known me for than a minute knows I love musical theater. No no. I LOVE musical theater. Of course I wanted to go see it… again. Now don’t think I’m one of those die-hard RENT-heads… I’m not. (Even if I have seen the show more times than any other!) Like most people in my demographic, there is a connection I feel to these characters. Maybe it’s that I can relate to the story of La Boehme – the opera in which RENT is based. Maybe it’s that each character in RENT reminds me of someone in my life. Maybe it’s because for the first time there was a voice for anyone ever affected by AIDS.

There I sat eighth row center. And then it happened. Woman and gays all over the theater began screaming as Mark and Roger took their places on stage. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal!!!! My inner fan-girl squealed like a twelve-year-old at a Jonas Brothers’ concert. In the roles they created, the voices I have listened to countless times were physically in front of me. Now I don’t know if it’s due to the performance itself or just the residue of the tumultuous year I’ve had, but I cried more times than I ever have… during moments that NEVER moved me to tears before. The ensemble was credible. I’m not going to say they were amazing… I would have liked some of the vocals to be tighter and more powerful, but what they lacked in voice they did make up for in performance.

It’s been 15 years since RENT opened Off-Broadway. After a Pulitzer, four Tony’s, more than 5,000 performances on The Great White Way, countless touring casts, and productions all over the world RENT is the eighth longest-running show in the history of Broadway. I am proud to say that after all of that, Jonathan Larson’s message and heart still ring true today.

If you find yourself in Orange County between now and Sunday GO! You’ll be so glad you did!

Review POPped by SkipTink

RENT is currently playing at the Orange County Performing Arts Center through this Sunday
Tickets begin at $20

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