Friday, October 23, 2009

Go to the door Soupy

Some of you may have no idea who we're talking about, but today Soupy Sales passed away. Without Soupy there would have been no Captain Kangaroo or Mister Rogers. And with no Mister Rogers we would have never had Eddie Murphey's version, Mister Robinson. The Soupy Sales Show was where kids and parents went to enjoy seeing their favorite stars take a pie to the face. Yup, that was his claim to fame. Soupy himself would get a pie in the face all the time. Taking a pie on Soupy's show then was like getting slimed at the Nick Choice Awards today.

Later in life he became a frequent guest host of 'The Tonight Show' and then would make appearances on shows like 'The Love Boat'. But perhaps he was also known for a practical joke played on him during his live television show. Just like Dean Martin would have guest stars come through the door, he also would have guests appear at his door. But one time, the crew decided it would be funny to have an exotic dancer back there. This clip was shown over and over by Dick Clarke and Ed McMahon on 'TVs Bloopers and Practical Jokes'. (anyone?) So, we leave you with that. What happens on a live TV show during the 50's and a stripper is brought in as a joke. This:

Last half of this video is NSFW

POPped with a pie - Jungle Jesse

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