Monday, October 19, 2009

'GLEE' NEWS! Joss Whedon to Direct an Episode This Season!

Word came out today that Geek God Joss Whedon would be directing an episode of FOX's hit show 'GLEE'. (I KNOW!) This is incredibly exciting. Yes, we love him to death and hold dear the characters he's created, but this is also a man who knows and respects musicals. He is the reason that other television shows will occasionally do a musical episode. "Once More With Feeling" was the now classic episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. The show already had a cult following, but after that episode, there was no denying that 'BTVS' was a cult phenomenon.

Then the Hollywood Writer's Strike happened. Leaving people with free time and wandering minds, Mr. Whedon thought that it would be funny to have a video blog from a wanna-be super villain. But what if...he was in love? And what it...he sang about it? 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long-Blog' hit the internet (for free mind you) with 'Act I' and crashed internet servers within minutes. This took the medium to a different level. Once again showing that musicals can be fun, cool, tragic and made for the internet without skimping on quality. He also showed that even if you offer it for free, people will still pay to download it, buy the soundtrack and even buy the DVD. (I'm one of them.) 'DHSAB' won an Emmy this year and the good doctor even made an appearance on the Emmy broadcast this year.

Now comes the word the the man behind these is going to direct an episode of 'GLEE'..well I had a total nerdgasm. The man who showed that musicals can be good again, and the show that took the musical back from Disney, teaming up. I don't see how this is a losing situation. Joss has said that this will in no way effect his new show 'Dollhouse' (which needs some audience help people, so TIVO or DVR it to help). According to, expect him to direct the episode after he has wrapped this season on 'Dollhouse'. Joss confirmed everything today as well. So with JW directing, can we expect someone to be killed, perhaps an encounter with bats or aliens? I wonder if we'll see some appearances from others in the Whedon-verse. NPH as a rival Glee director, Nathan Fillion as the former Capt. of the football team, SMG as a self-defense instructor, or perhaps Miss Dushku and the 'Dollhouse' will invade? All the speculation aside, I just can't wait for the episode.

And more 'GLEE' news. Expect a concert tour sometime next year. I just hope they don't make them tour with American Idol. (DAMN, I just jinxed it didn't I?) I'll post more detailed information once it comes in.

Just GLEE'd a little - Jungle Jesse

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