Monday, October 12, 2009

Gaming News: 'Rock Band: U2'? Possibly...

Last year U2 had been talking with MTV and EA Games about having their own version of Rock Band. According to an interview with USA Today, they liked the idea of the game but weren't crazy about the generic caricatures. They then broke off discussions and moved on. Rock Band ended up getting the biggest rock band...ever with Rock Band: The Beatles. With that, U2 saw that they could get the graphics right and create a total experience. Bassist Adam Clayton told USA Today:
I love the idea that that’s where people are getting music, and we’d love to be in that world. We’ll figure something out. What The Beatles have done, where the animation is much more representative of them, is what we’re interested in, rather than the one-size-fits-all animation.
How freakn' cool would that be? To be able to play in the pouring rain at Red Rocks, standing on the Zoo TV stage or performing one of the best Super Bowl half time shows ever! Man, I can't wait. Now that they're publicly showing a big interest, I'm sure that by E3 next year we'll be hearing an announcement for Rock Band: U2.

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  1. Don't forget playing on a rooftop in LA. Or even standing around on Fremont Street looking vaguely bored.

  2. Or around Elvis' grave...Can we put in suggestions for EA? Like Rock Band: Spinal Tap?