Monday, October 12, 2009

Excited to see the cast of 'GLEE' perform on the Macy's Parade? Too Bad...

According to TMZ, the cast of the hit FOX television show 'GLEE' was ready to be sign on to perform on the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This should be no surprise. Every year among bad lip syncing from sitcom stars, the parade also features musical numbers from new Broadway shows. Now they have the opportunity to have tv stars who can actually sing and fans will tune in to see them. Win/win, right? Nope! According to sources who TMZ has been in contact with, NBC isn't too keen on a break out hit show from another network being showcased on their network. So they told the Macy's peeps to dump them, and they did. (Man, these Glee Club kids can't catch a break.) As of this writing neither NBC, FOX nor Macy's has commented.

POPping some parade balloons - Jungle Jesse

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  1. WTF NBC?!!!!! Put them on! I'm a total Gleek and you guys suck if you don't let them sing!