Thursday, September 3, 2009

Theme Park Update: This Ain't 'Pete's Dragon'!

For most of the summer Disneyland peeps have been talking about the new Maleficent dragon being added to their live show 'Fantasmic!'. The summer is getting ready to end and this weekend and I can't begin to tell you how many people have actually been discussing this on Twitter over the past few weeks. Everything from "Still no dragon :(" to "Disney sucks!" You really would have thought that this was a real dragon that the Disney people had created by using DNA spliced from a kimodo dragon and Ann Coulter. Well calm down my little mouse-eared friends, this week the dragon finally made it's appearance in the show. For those that do not know what 'Fantasmic!' is, it is simply something that you must experience in person. (And in Anaheim. The version in Orlando paaaales in comparison.) In my opinion, it truly is the best live show in any theme park and makes the price of admission worth it. Just get there early for a great view. (Top of the Pirates of the Caribbean bridge is the best.) Well, I was lucky enough to receive a little email yesterday from someone in the mouse house with a picture attached. It simply said, "She debuted. You may now post this picture." I have to say, it is an awesome picture.

I'll be in Disneyland this coming Saturday to have some fun and maybe post some updates. Follow us on Twitter and I'll let you know about a tweetup in the park.

POPping some marshmallows on dragon fire - Jungle Jesse

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