Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reviews: 'The Cleveland Show' and 'Family Guy' Season Premieres

This past Sunday was the season premiere of one of my favorite tv shows, 'Family Guy', and it's first spin-off 'The Cleveland Show'. This past summer myself and our own Rabbi Marauder were lucky enough to be at the panels for both of these shows at Comic Con. We knew that we were in for some good stuff this season, and I have to tell you that they are off to strong starts.

The Cleveland Show

Seth MacFarlane is keeping the television theme alive, and many musicians in Hollywood employed. I have had this theme song stuck in my head since Sunday and not because it's bad. On the contrary. I heard this song and thought that it needed to be at the beginning of a television show in the 70's. His team has a knack for knowing exactly what's right.

Then to the show. Cleveland's divorce is final, his son has grown in age and size, and they are off to start a new life and show. They end up in his hometown where he finally gets to be with his true love. Awwww.. And as you saw in the opening credits, there are some good characters along for the ride. For some reason having some sort of a creature/animal who's just blended into society is staple in his shows. This one is the high light for me of the show, we meet his neighbor Tim the bear who works and is trying to give up smoking. He also seems to have taken on the voice of Father Guido Sarducci (you're Google-ing him aren't you). And in some great casting, Ariana Huffington voices his bear wife.

Yes, this show is prone to flashbacks and cut-aways, but it does work here. What isn't working so far, for me that is, is the little kid Rallo. He's supposed to be a cooler version of Stewie, but it isn't working for me. Perhaps we'll see some more out of him this season, but right now he's gotta go. Outside of that I highly suggest taking the jump over to Hulu to watch the pilot episode.

Family Guy

Family Guy's premiere episode swung for the fence and hit it out of the park. Seth did a smart thing by starting the season off with a RItalicoad to episode with Brian and Stewie. This time they are jumping parallel universe's. They end up in a Hanna Barberra universe, a Robot Chicken universe...and my favorite, a Disney universe. This is a universe where everything looks like Disney animation (brilliantly) is as great as it seems in Disney movies...or is it?

(It's funny because Walt was racist. Sorry kids.) This episode was one of it's strongest, I would say since 'Blue Harvest'. I thought that everything was clicking. If Family Guy can keep up this momentum, their next Star Wars episode (Something, Something, Something Darkside) will have the shows highest ratings yet...when it finally airs. I say that because as of right now it will only be on DVD and Blu-Ray this December. And from what Rabbi Marauder and I saw of that episode at Comic Con, it'll be another home run that you won't want to miss.

What did you think of the premieres this past Sunday? Are you upset that I didn't review 'The Simpsons' or 'American Dad'?

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As of right now some of the video embedding from Hulu is having issues. Just take the jumps over to their site to watch the full episodes.

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  1. Ditto to everything JungleJesse said. One other "teaser" from ComicCon; according to Seth MacFarlane, The Cleveland Show has a character who looks remarkably like David Lynch and is voiced...by David Lynch! Not in the pilot, but I cannot wait to see that.