Tuesday, September 29, 2009

POPped Review: The Jay Leno Show

I know it's been on the air for a few weeks now, so you might be questioning a review at this time. There's a reason. Not a good one, but a reason. I have only been able to watch a couple of episodes since it's been on. Not for a lack of time so much, but because it is just that bad. I watched the premiere episode with the thought that maybe I might like some of it. That didn't happen. I was not a fan of his Tonight Show, and that's all this is. It's a re-named version of his old show.

"What exactly is wrong with the show?"

Lots. But I will only cover a couple of things here. First is his monologue. You can see the seeds of where the jokes should be, but that land is barren my friends. When your band has to constantly play riffs after your jokes, it's not funny. The same goes with repeating your joke right after you say it. Jay has a huge habit of doing this. Here's how it usually goes down:

Jay: "..so the guy says, I was talking to the duck!"
guitar riff, bass riff, percussion pound
Jay: "It was the duck he was talking to!"
guitar riff

Don't believe me?

Then there's something new that's been added to this mess. They call it the "10 @ 10" because adding @ to something is very hip and trendy. This is where we get to watch NBC blow 30 grand on a satellite up link for an awkward questionnaire. You see, Jay interviews celebrities anywhere in the world to ask them 10 random questions. There's nothing at the end, no big punchline, no charity, no champion, no humor...nothing. It should be re-named "10 @wkard Minutes!"

guitar riff, bass riff, percussion pounding
Me: "Because it's awkward and I used an @ symbol!"

It was very clear that NBC gave this gig to Leno to keep him from going to ABC and killing Conan in the ratings. Middle America loves dumb, easy humor and they get that with Jay, (Probably why he repeats everything) and they'll get an audience. The problem is that when he was on at 11:30 (or 11:35) there wasn't as much competition for him. But at 10:00, there is still a lot going against it. Not just 'CSI: Rancho Cucamunga' or (insert ABC's generic show with people crying). But they are also going up against top rated shows on cable like: 'Saved by Grace', 'Deadliest Catch', 'The Hills', 'SportsCenter'...etc. NBC may not consider them competition, but as much as Middle America loves easy humor, they also love them some sports and fishermen who might get dead.

I know that Leno is a good stand up comedian, and a great talk show guest, but as a host of a show..he's still not very good. So I say record it when there's someone you want to see and fast forward through a lot of it. If NBC was going for safe and a steady audience, they'll be fine this season. If they were expecting a break-out hit, they're screwed @ 10.

Review POPped by Jungle Jesse

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