Thursday, September 3, 2009

Play 'The Beatles: RockBand' on 9/9/09....or Right Now?

Many gamers and music lovers are anticipating the release of 'The Beatles: RockBand' on 9-9-09. Well one our readers tweeted earlier today that his local GameStop already has their supply on hand. He begged and attempted some bribery but was unable to get his hands on his copy early. Perhaps he should have looked 7-11. You heard me. The land of Slurpees and beef jerky sells video games as well and stories are circulating that they are one of many stores that already breaking the street date. Not just them either, take a look:

While many people are tweeting about already playing the game for hours today, others are passing around links of where they can download leaked versions online. No, I'm not going to tell you where..because that would be wrong. But I may suggest filling the car with gas and hopping on the road to find a store that just doesn't care about official release date. (*malls...cough...malls...cough...7-11...cough, cough*)

POPped with a little help from my friends - Jungle Jesse

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