Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If You Don't Like Me...

Hola Visitors of the 'ville! Please forgive the lack of postings from my side of the net. Life gets crazy, you know? That being said, I figured since our Fearless Leader is catching up, I would take the opportunity to post, as well.

Since I am listed as the Blog Guru, I want to take a moment to plug someone who is very important to many of the staff of this humble website, Carrie Fisher...WOW did that sound bad...I mean plug her blog.

But perhaps I should explain a bit about why I am promoting someone who arguably does not need the promotion. I am willing to bet that most people have a passing knowledge of Ms. Fisher as a pop culture icon. Of course, the role that made her a star will be tops of the list 0f facts, probably references to her famous parents; perhaps a passing nod to her marriage to Paul Simon, and her time in and out, and in and out of rehab. But let me also say that this is the funniest woman in, really. She gets paid a lot of money to fix really bad scripts. Remember all the funny jokes during the Oscars that are usually attributed to Bruce Vallance? I bet they're usually from Carrie Fisher.

Now you can see that wit in action on her official web page...for free, even. And since you are here, I know that you will appreciate the snark that is peppered throughout. Additionally, for those who would like to keep Carrie in the bagels, she has turned her book Wishful Drinking into a one-woman show that is currently running at New York's Studio 54.

For good measure, she can also be found on twitter. For a taste of what is in store for you if you should explore these outlets, I give you the quote from Carrie Fisher's twitter profile:

"If you don't like me please suck my big bovine tiny dancer cock."
POPped a few pills in her honor, by RabbiMarauder

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