Monday, September 21, 2009

Dead Celebrity Tweets

I was listening to this past Friday's Adam Carolla podcast when he and Patton Oswalt joked about what it would have been like if certain celebrities were able to be on Twitter during their day. And that got me to thinkingItalic... what would the tweets of celebrities that have passed away been like? What if some of them were still alive and tweeting? Let's find out:

@deanmartin  I ain't drunk if I can lay on the floor and not have to hold on.

@kaufmanesque  OMG! 'The Hills' was insane tonight!!!!

@TheRealJesus  Dinner this Wednesday. Still have 12 spots open..then tweetup in Gethsemane.

@DearJudy  The next person who asks where my ruby slippers are is gonna get a face full of scotch..

@ben_franklin  Gee..thanks. WTF am I gonna do with a kite?!

@YesthatWalt  Right..that's as likely as me opening a new park here with a gaudy ferris wheel.

@GeneKelly  My agent says I should go on DancingWTS, but I called them and they said they don't really have those.

@NBCNetwork  Sorry for the crap. I'm sure that your new owners will be fine. Here's to Disneyversal!

@TheKing  Just finished On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He gets paid how much to host karaoke? *sigh* FML, I need a reality show.

@AmyWinehouse  I'm alive?

What celebrities would you like to have on Dead Celebrity Tweets?

POPped in Memoriam - Jungle Jesse


  1. Love this...

    Would like to see tweets from:

    Howard Hughes
    Michael Jackson
    Mr. Rogers

  2. Ha ha.. I think those can be arranged.