Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apple Tablet Revea...Wait, That's Microsoft's?!

For months now many people (us included) have been reporting rumors about a tablet computer that Apple is working on in secret. No specs, no pictures, nothing official; just rumor that it will be awesome and change the world and bring world peace and even make your bed. Okay, so I may have made some of that up....or did I? With every Apple press conference they are hundreds of reports and speculation that this will be the day their tablet is announced. And then it doesn't come. Then... a couple weeks ago Gizmodo posted a video of a pretty sweet looking tablet. Geeks everywhere were were just beginning to blog and tweet that Apple had done it, when they read that this was actually being made by Microsoft. WTF?! This is something that no one was even considering that MS was working on. Not only that, but it looks freakn' sweet.

According to Gizmodo, they are using what is called an 'Infinite Journal'. This allows you to surf, write and store projects infinitely (theoretically). About this Gizmodo says:

The journal can actually be published online, and it's shown here as able to be downloaded in three formats: a Courier file, Powerpoint or PDF. There's also a library that looks a lot like Delicious Library, where things like subscriptions, notebooks and apps, are stored.

Another report states that it will be running Windows 7 underneath and Courier is actually software. And by all accounts Windows 7 runs great. The one thing that I did not see was a keyboard, as did Gizmodo. Will we be able to type on this or will it all be done with an electronic pen? No one has said yet. What I do know is that Microsoft has just fired a warning shot across Apple's bow.

POPped with a keyboard - Jungle Jesse

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