Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple Has Spoken, And 'The Beatles' Are Nowhere To Be Found

Today Apple had their iTunes press conference to announce updates to iTunes and their new iPods. For weeks now it was speculated that The Beatles catalog was finally coming to iTunes. Everything from the date, their version of RockBand coming out and the release of remasterd albums today all seemed to point at it happening. There was even a quote from Yoko Ono saying that it was happening today.. and was quickly removed from the internet and no one will speak of it...much like her music career. Well, Steve Jobs took to the stage today, much to the admiration of the church of Apple, and there was absolutely no mention of The Beatles. I guess we'll have to wait longer. But iTunes has been updated with a new look and new features. Some of the best new features of iTunes 9 are: it now allows you to share your music and app library with other authorized computers in your house... they now offer Extras with their video purchases. (This is the same as extras you would get on a DVD)... AND, you can now organize your app pages via iTunes. (It's about time) Be sure to download iTunes 9, and if you have an iPod Touch be sure to get the 3.1 firmware update. (FYI.. If you already downloaded 3.0 for your iPod Touch, 3.1 is free. If you didn't, get ready to pay a small fee.)

To go along with that, here are the new prices for the iPod Touch:

8GB ($199), 32GB ($299), and 64GB ($399)

There you see that they have added a new 64 gig model. This one and the 32GB model now come with headphones that have a remote and mic built in them. So have fun with Skype kiddies! There was also speculation that the new iPod Touch would come with a camera built into it. Nope. But the new Nano has one. It also has a mic and speaker built in, can shoot video and has an FM tuner. Here's the cool thing about the FM can pause the radio and it can rewind for up to 15 minutes. That's pretty sweet. It also has a slightly larger screen at 2.2 inches. Here is what the new line will cost you and what colors are available:

8GB - $149, the 16GB - $179. You can pick them up in silver, black, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, red and pink

Also, for the gamers out there, Madden NFL is available as of today in the iTunes store. They really pushed the iPod Touch as the handheld gaming device that is ready to take down the PSP and NintendoDS. What say you? With everything that the iPod Touch has to offer, is this the new winner in the hand held gaming market? What were you hoping for today?

POPping my iPod Touch with 3.1 - Jungle Jesse

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