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2009 Emmy Awards Recap and Winners List

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Boy, there sure were a lot of empty seats in there tonight. Tonight's Emmy telecast started off with a great musical number from host Neil Patrick Harris:

Then.. did I mention that Neil Patrick Harris did a great opening number? In all honesty Neil did a very good job hosting. (I got a kick out of him listing people's obscure previous roles when he introduced them.) Listening to his wise cracks made it feel like you were watching it with a friend. (Because we all do the same thing. Just ask my old roommate.) Neil walked a fine line between just enough snark and being self deprecating. The only other Emmy host that did it that well was Conan O'Brien. It was also great to see Dr. Horrible interrupt the presentation of the accountants explaining the voting process. I honestly expected a Kanye interruption bit when they came out to speak, but Dr. Horrible was a great surprise.

Through all of that, the producers of the show seemed a little too interested in showing off their cool stage. Every time they switched categories they would move around the stage while showing a video package. You could almost here the stage say, "Look what I can do!" At least it wasn't in the round again. Although the video package intro for Variety series was fantastic.

What about the rest of the show... (Bare with me because my thoughts are about to bounce everywhere as I do a small running commentary)

Toni Collette ('United Stated of Tara') for Best Leading Actress in a Comedy? Just by the category alone doesn't that mean that it should be funny? Once again the video intro's for Writing for a Variety series were a highlight during the show. Perhaps the producers of the show should take a lesson, or a webinar from them. Jimmy Fallon coming out with the auto tune was amusing, but the best thing was the look on Kevin Kline's face in the audience during it. Priceless. Ricky Gervais once again killed in his few moments. When is he going to be asked to host something?

Can we stop pretending that Grey's Anatomy is a drama or that Desperate Housewives is a comedy? Please?

Even Michael Emereson's (Ben on 'LOST') acceptance speech was creepy.

The 'In Memoriam' portion of the show was probably one of the classiest. It started off seeming like it was not going to be shot well (like the Oscars this year) but it was done well. Is it just me or while watching that does it seem that we are now losing more people that we know?

Question: When they accept an award on someones behalf, does that make the presenter an an Emmy winner?

Bob Newheart is still brilliant and Sandra Oh seems confused. '30 Rock' truly is the best comedy on television right now. And 'Mad Men' has proved that retro is still cool and AMC knows what they're doing. Right now every network executive is texting in all caps that they need their 'Mad Men'. So expect some sort of rip offs next season. "It's like 'Mad Men', but instead of ad executives in the 60's, they're record executives in the 80's!"

All in all it was a decent broadcast who's niche style quickly grew old. (The "witty" commentary of announcer John Hodgeman disappeared halfway through the broadcast.) I think that NPH was a good enough host to be invited back. What say you? Did some of your favorites win or are you bitter about Jim Parson's losing?

And the winners are:

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series - Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series - Toni Collette (United States Of Tara)

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series - Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Mini-Series Or A Movie - Brendan Gleeson (Into The Storm)

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Mini-Series Or A Movie - Jessica Lange (Grey Gardens)

Outstanding Comedy Series - 30 Rock

Outstanding Drama Series - Mad Men

Outstanding Made For Television Movie - Grey Gardens

Outstanding Miniseries - Little Dorrit

Outstanding Reality - Competition Program - The Amazing Race

Outstanding Variety, Music, Or Comedy Series - The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series - Michael Emereson (Lost)

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series - Cherry Jones (24)

Outstanding Writing In A Drama Series - Kater Gordon & Matthew Weiner (Mad Men)

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series - Glenn Close (Damages)

Outstanding Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie - Ken Howard (Grey Gardens)

Outstanding Supporting Actress, Miniseries or Movie - Shohreh Aghdashloo (House Of Saddam)

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series - Jon Cryer (Two And A Half Men)

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series - Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies)

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series - Jeff Blitz (The Office)

Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series - Rod Holcomb (ER)

Outstanding Directing For A Variety, Music, Or Comedy Series - Bruce Gowers (American Idol: Show 833)

Outstanding Directing For A Miniseries, Movie, Or Dramatic Special - Dearbhla Walsh (Little Dorrit)

Host, Reality or Reality-Competition Program - Jeff Probst (Survivor)

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