Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'Twi-tards' Get Their Own Convention

Word came today that Twi-tards will be getting their own conventions. Very cleverly billed as 'TwiCon' (read the sarcasm kiddies), what was originally put on by fans themselves will now be put on yearly by Summit Entertainment in partnership with Creation Entertainment. The first convention was put on this past weekend in the center of entertainment…Phoenix, Arizona. (What I would have given to see "vampires" put on their leather and walk around Phoenix.) This will not be a once a year event. Nope. It will be put on 20 times at different locations around the country. According the press release:

Erin Ferries, VP of Creation Entertainment, said, “It is a delight to be involved with the tremendous excitement that surrounds THE TWILIGHT SAGA. The fans are incredibly knowledgeable about the property and have used the story as a springboard for their own creativity..."

Translation: "We know there are a lot of lonely people out there that can no longer tell the difference between reality and fiction and we are very happy for them to spend their money on us." Some have wondered whether or not Summit is getting behind this due to the HUGE backlash that happened to them at Comic-Con this year. (See our Comic-Con posts from the panel to hear about what went down.) I know that there are Con faithfuls that hope this means that Twilight will now be gone from CC since they have their own traveling show. Probably not. They may have their own convention, but those won't even come close to the media coverage that descends on San Diego every summer. Sorry kids, the Twi-tards are here to stay.

And because I know you're wondering why it's not posted here, we give you the latest trailer for 'New Moon'.

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