Monday, August 24, 2009

Review: Inglourious Basterds

I admit I am not the biggest Tarantino fan in the world. I’ve seen most if them, but if someone started “Tweet the best Tarantino lines” I’d be at a loss. Once you get past “The Royal with Cheese”, I’ve got nothin’. So when my friend said, “Let’s go see the new Tarantino movie,” it took me a moment to figure out just which movie he meant. I knew of Inglorious Basterds (Heck, ANYONE who stood in line for Hall H at Comic-Con saw the parked truck with the logo for the film) but I really had no idea what the movie was about. It is Tarantino… so I could count on something with brutal, bloody violence! But I was not counting on it being SO funny!

True to his style, Quentin weaves multiple story-lines together into a cohesive plot. Brad Pitt plays Lt. Aldo Raine, the quintessential American WWII Doughboy… loud, boisterous, booming southern accent leading a rag-tag bunch of Jewish Americans wreaking their own brand of justice through Nazi-occupied France. His German foe, Col. Hans Landa is played by Christoph Waltz, goes through the French Countryside searching for Jews in hiding. He is smooth and polite in a sleazy sort of way that just makes your skin crawl. The beautiful new-comer Melanie Laurent is breathtaking as the young French theater owner who has her own reasons to bring down the Reich. Keep an eye out for a few familiar faces along the way!

Though there is scalping, beatings, gunfights, and even a Mexican standoff of sorts, Basterds wasn’t as gory as I expected. But bring those reading glasses gang… Unless you’re fluent in French, German, and Italian you’re going to spend a lot of the two and a half hour running time skimming the subtitles at the bottom of the screen! Don’t worry… they won’t distract you from what’s going on!

All in all, Inglorious Basterds is classic Tarantino… almost makes one forget about The Grindhouse. It’s a fun afternoon at the movies!

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