Monday, August 3, 2009

"Mono...D'oh!" Disney-heim Looking to Extend Monorail Throughout the City.

Disneyland...excuse me, I meant the city of Anaheim, is looking to have a monorail service to serve the entire city. According the Orange County register, the city hopes to break ground on the project in 2010. It would make a loop that would cover 3.5 miles taking it to Angel Stadium, Disneyland and "other attractions". What other attractions in Anaheim? How often do people plan their vacations to spend it at 24 hour bowling? Of course many of the local citizens aren't too keen on Disney taking over even more of their city. You see, many of them feel that the mouse house is a burden on their eutopia of shopping centers and other stuff. If you don't work for them and you happen to live in Anaheim, Disneyland can sometimes just be an after thought. But many of them do feel that the company believes that it can do as it wishes with the city, and believe me, Disney City Hall gets it's share of complaints from them. (Especially when fireworks shows are tested in the wee hours of the morning.) The city/Disney is hoping that by planning open forum meetings that the neighbors will be able to voice their opinions/concerns as they begin researching the environmental impact of building this system. In other words, as long as the money comes through it's a done deal kids no matter how many object. But be realistic though folks. Where would Anaheim be had Walt not decided to set up there? That's not to say that it's totally a good idea either. Just remember what happened to another town when it thought that a monorail was a good idea:

For more on the story, take the jump over to the OC Register.

POPped in the Station by Jungle Jesse

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