Monday, August 17, 2009

Dancing with the "Stars?" Cast

Today ABC announced their latest group of "celebrities" to be on Dancing with the Stars. I could be very snarky here and talk about why this show is bad, why ABC has a special place in hell for putting this on the air, why their selections are a joke...etc., but I won't. While some were surprised, it was pretty evident since last week, that Paula Abdul will not be on the show. Too bad. I love me a good train wreck, and I actually would have watched for that. I do have to say that I am disappointed that one rumored casting that was floating around had me interested, but alas it did not come true. Television's original Hulk, Lou Ferrigino, was being mentioned as a casting choice. That would have been awesome. But they stuck with the usual "snooze-ebrity" (copyright, patent pending).

With that, I give you this season's "stars?"

1. Kathy Ireland, (model)
2. Tom
DeLay (former Republican House majority leader)
3. Michael Irvin, (ex-NFL wide receiver) Macy Gray, (singer)
Mya, (singer)
5. Ashley Hamilton (son of George Hamilton)
6. Macy Gray (singer)
7. Mark
Dacascos (The Chairman on Iron Chef America)
8. Donny Osmond (Osmond)
9. Kelly Osbourne (daughter of Ozzy Osbourne and singer?)
10. Joanna
Krupa (model)
11. Chuck
Liddell, (light heavyweight champion)
12. Natalie
Coughlin (Olympic swimmer)
13. Debi
Mazar (Actress from the HBO's Entourage)
14. Louie Vito (snowboarder)
15. Aaron Carter (singer?)
16. Melissa Joan Hart (teenage witch)

For more information on this show, and other horrible diseases, please visit your local library or free clinic.

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