Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's New in Comic Book Movies: The Good and the Meh'

The Green Lantern
For months now people have speculated as to who would be cast as the lead in DC Comic's movie 'The Green Lantern'. Several rumors circulated as to who wanted it and who was screentesting. Names from Justin Timberlake to Jared Leto were spoken. And an internet campaign to have Nathan Fillion apparently didn't work (although, I think that would have been a great choice as you can see here.) It was announced that Ryan Reynolds will don the power ring in the feature film coming out December of 2010. I'm still not sure how I feel about this. Ryan is okaaaay? But he is the same person in every movie. (Calm down ladies, but you know it's true.) You may be saying, "Nuh, uh. He was a comic book character in Wolverine and he was totally different in that." Nope. When you saw him at the beginning of the movie as Deadpool, what a shock, he was witty. But if you're thinking that was him at the end of the movie as Weapon XI, think again. That was all stunt man Scott Adkins. Do I hope it's a good movie? Hell yes. Do I have high hopes? Nope. He just hasn't proven that he can play anything without being smarmy, sarcastic and witty. Which means that that either the movie is going to blow or they are going to change the story dramatically to fit him. I'm sure he'll end up meeting a girl while doing something wacky and then feel bad when he has to leave her parents dinner party to go and save the world all the the beat of Sugar Ray's latest single. What say you? Will he work as a wise cracking Green Lantern or should they have gone with Bradly Cooper or Nathon Fillion?


Then there was some good casting news that came out. It was announced that Natalie Portman will play Jane Foster in 'Thor'. 'Thor' stars Chris Hemsworth (last seen playing Kirk's dad in Star Trek) as Thor and is being directed Kenneth Branagh. Does this mean that we'll also be seeing Natalie in the upcoming Avengers movie as well? At least they cast someone who can absorb into a
character and not play up a personality. While most often the female characters in a comic story can play back seat the main character, she proved in 'V for Vendetta' that she knows how to blend in perfectly and let the story be told. What say you? Are you looking forward to Thor or do you just want me to stop rambling?

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