Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comic Con - 'Heroes' panel

'Heroes' has taken a big hit over the past couple of seasons. Ratings have dropped, episodes have been cut back, wriItalicters have been fired, people have been brought in, executives have left NBC and many wonder if 'Heroes' will get back to it's former glory from the 1st season. So much so that just a couple of months ago NBC said that there would be no Heroes panel at Comic Con this year. Series creator Tim Kring then told Entertainment Weekly that 'Heroes' would have a presence at Comic Con. This made people believe that there was a big communication gap. Well, Heroes did schedule a panel at the last minute and there was a 'Heroes' booth on the exhibit floor along with another Comic Con exclusive comic. Will this translate to ratings when it comes back on the air? I certainly hope so. Most of all, I'm just hoping for a good ride.

Here now is Comic Con's 'Heroes' panel:

And now a look at the upcoming season:

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