Monday, July 27, 2009

Comic Con - Day 4

Day 4, the final day of Comic Con. It's when people run from booth to booth hoping to find a dealer willing to trade an Amazing Fantasy #17 for a Detective Comics #27, or for someone willing to sell a Master Replica lightsaber for $10. The last day this year was 'Kids Day', which for me meant no panels that I was eager to get to. That's okay. It gave me a chance to wander the floor for a bit and see areas that I didn't get a chance to see earlier this week. But that all changed when we received a random tweet on Twitter letting us know that Nathan Fillian dropped by unexpectedly and did an autograph signing. Off we went to get an autograph and end the day. Not just the day, but the week really.

While day 4 of the Con may not have had any breaking news, it was a time to discuss everything that we had been able to experience over the past few days. But the biggest thing we discussed was how busy the last day was. It used to be that this was the day where you could just take your time to explore the floor, maybe even finding one of those deals. This year came the realization that those days are now gone. For those that have never attended, I'm sorry you never got to experience days where you could navigate the entire exhibitor floor and not get shoved or elbowed by people who "NEED" to get a free Burger King crown that has some non-vampire vampire movie on it. It's a different crowd, a different time and as much fun as you make it. But for the love of all that is good, please look in a mirror before you put on that metal bikini or that tight spandex. Loving a character does not mean you look like them.

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