Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic Con - Day 3

Not a lot of big news today at Comic Con. There were some big panels (Iron Man 2, LOST - The Final Season, Heroes, True Blood, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Chuck, Mythbusters) but outside of clips, there were no big revelations made today. Here's what we can tell you... Iron Man 2 will kick ass next year and be very spectacular, loud and good; LOST is going to leave us asking more questions and they will only answer "important" questions during the last season (big middle finger to them because they're giving it to us), Vampire's will continue biting people on True Blood; Heroes will try to get better this season and hope that NBC will keep hanging on; Family Guy's new Star Wars episode is brilliant!; The Cleveland Show has a lot of promise; Mythbusters will continue blowing stuff up and they will continue loving to do it; and Chuck doesn't know where to begin the season because they wrapped up believing that they were not coming back for another season.

Other news today has to do with Star Wars Fan Films. and Lucasfilm are teaming up with G4's Olivia Munn for something unique. They are now accepting video pitches on their site for her to look at. Olivia will then choose one pitch that she likes and will star in that movie. And you'll be given a budget of $5,000. Take the jump over to to find out more. Video pitches will be accepted online only until September 3rd. So get crackin'!

Fail of the day, the Mythbusters not being able to get into the SyFy/EW party tonight. Really people? You suck!Bold

That's it for Day 3. Tomorrow is the final day of Comic Con 2009. Time to find some good deals.

That pretty much sums up Day 3 at Comic Con. You can catch some pictures from our adventures today here. I now leave you with the intro to today's Chuck panel, with music from Jeffster:

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