Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic Con - Day 2

Today was day 2 of the con and it was very full. Not just of people, but things to do. We started it off by, yes having some breakfast, but hitting a panel for AMC's upcoming series 'The Prisoner'. I have to say, I wasn't a big fan of the original but this made me want to see the new version. It stars Jim Caveziel as 6 and Ian McKellen as 2. I highly recommend giving it a view when it comes out this fall.

From here we hit the exhibit floor for some wandering and laughing. Actually it was more like pushing and shoving. Man, people were ruuude today. More than usual. What I find amusing though is the sneaky pic. Where instead of just asking a pretty girl if they can get a picture of them, they stand at a distance and take a picture. Or when they do get the courage to try and take a picture with them, then it's allll hands. So sad. Perhaps we should invent an MMO that will teach them true social skills that doesn't involve dragons and spells.

After getting enough of that for today, we had the chance to get in early to the '9' panel. (A BIG thank you to our friends at Universal Pictures and Focus Features.) This was great. We got to see a few minutes from the film and it was very good. This movie is PG-13 for a reason folks. Just because it's animated doesn't mean that it's a kids movie. During the panel Tim Burton revealed that he really doesn't see himself as a goth or dark . He feels that he is more light than anything. Sorry to break it to you kids, your god is not like you. You can now save money on black nail polish and guy-liner. Enjoy the sun!

Up next was a panel for 'District 9' from producer Peter Jackson. The moderator for this panel was one of my favorite radio personalities, Ralph Garman from the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ. (If you don't listen to them, get the podcast here for some fun.) Ralph, like me, is a total film geek and was perfect to moderate this panel. So let's get to the movie shall we? This is a movie that kind of snuck up on us just a couple of months ago. No one really paid any attention to it when it was being filmed. It wasn't until the first teaser trailer hit that everyone wanted to know what this was about. The plot is that alien's have come to Earth, but when they are not allowed to leave. They are kept by humans in a slum area of Johannesburg, Africa. But why? We want their weapon technology but we can't use it because it's only made for them and will only respond to them. After an accident and finding out the true reason for keeping them on Earth, he tries to help them escape so that they can go home. It's shot almost in a documentary style, but is not anywhere the shakiness that was Blair Witch. It's used more to make you unsettled and also to make you feel like you are there. This is a movie that is very science fiction, but also grounded in today's reality where anyone different is a threat. I can't wait to see the whole movie. During the Q&A portion of this panel, Peter Jackson was asked about the future of a 'Halo' movie. He said that he would love to go back to it and is still as excited about doing it today as he was previously. Unfortunately, he feels that Microsoft and Bungee may feel spurned by the Hollywood system. He said that it wasn't anything that any one on his team did, but Hollywood studio politics killed the film. So now that the film rights have expired for Universal and Fox (who were going to co-produce) they probably aren't ready to try it again. So everything they worked on is locked away at WETA in New Zealand. That's too bad. I think a 'Halo' movie done by them would have been awesome. Perhaps one day we'll get to see more concept art and pre-vis animatics. AND Peter Jackson did discuss 'The Hobbit'. He wanted to get rumors cleared up and tell the fans what is happening. So here it is direct from Mr. Jackson, the movie is not green lit, they are just getting ready to deliver their first draft of the script, and contrary to what other sites have been writing absolutely no one has been cast. There you have it.

Then came the Star Wars spectacular hosted by G4's Kevin Perriera and Olivia Munn. Bless their hearts, they tried to keep their schtick moving to keep the panel moving, but man... the Lucasfilm/Lucas Arts people are not good at the public speaking. It really didn't get moving until the cast of The Clone Wars came out to do a reading of some scenes from Season 2. The only major news that came out of the panel was Star Wars - The Concert and a new version of The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition. Star Wars - The Concert looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. It'll be the best pieces of the films scores performed live with footage from the movies, with Anthony Daniels narrating live. Tickets for this go on sale in August. TFU:USE looks great. You'll be playing the secret apprentice to The Emperor and will be able to fight different characters from the films including Luke and Ben. Awesome. The second season of The Clone Wars looks very good as well. You can catch all of the action tomorrow on G4 as they air they Star Wars panel right before going live for many hours.

Then we headed out to explore and have some fun. We ended up at Flynn's arcade in the Gaslamp. "Who's Flynn?" Kevin Flynn was the name of Jeff Bridges character in 'TRON'. He was a computer programmer who was working at an arcade when he tried to hack into the ENCOM computer mainframe. This led to all sorts of light cycle, computer Frisbee throwing goodness. Well, last year we got a tease of what was being called 2RON. The footage was a surprise and awesome. That is now the official trailer which you will see in a moment. After waiting just a little while to get in to Flynn's, we were treated to classic 80's arcade games that we could play without quarters. Sweet heaven!

Suddenly, while rocking out to Journey, the lights and music got a little wonky. A man pushed aside the kid playing TRON and then opened up the wall to reveal another room. You heard me. The wall opened to another room. Inside the black curtain lined hall we were treated to concept art of the new light cycles. That was cool. We then turned the corner to be faced by this:

Holy hell, it was the light cycle spinning around and showing off...just like this:

We then exited were given free shirts to show off. I have to tell you, Disney knocked this viral campaign out of the park here at Comic Con. Will it translate outside of the camp feeling of San Diego? I don't know, but we're talking about it here. We were content with just some themed signs and playing some free video games, bBoldut then taking it up another level...this was unexpected and amazing. So with that I bring you the trailer for 'Tron: Legacy':

Today was filled with lots of news updates from inside the panels as it happened. Be sure to continue following us on Twitter for breaking news. (Again, if you're not on Twitter that's okay. Our updates are on the left of this page.) Our Flickr will get updated as randomly as possible, and come back here tomorrow night for our Day 3 wrap up. Don't forget to join us at 8:30 PM in Room 7AB as our own blogger and reviewer ReevesReel sits on the, Lucasfilm panel with G4's Olivia Munn and other Fan Film award winners.

See you tomorrow!

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