Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic Con - Day 1

Today was the first official day of Comic Con. As usual the craziness was there at the beginning and never died. To quote our Blogger TheEdley, "They have the crazy eyes." Added to that craziness was the fact that today was when the Twilight panel was. I have to say, from what I heard from lots of people just walking around there today, most people did not want them there. For some time now Comic Con regulars have not liked that Hollywood has started taking over, but they reluctantly welcomed them as they got to get glimpses of movies that were geared toward them. Well, once you bring in a property that most people here just don't care for, well you get a revolt. And today I got to see much of that first hand. Film geek God James Cameron was here to premiere footage from his upcoming 3D film 'AVATAR'. For any film lover this was going to be fantastic! Problem, 'Twilight' panel was right before and there was no way they were getting all of them out of Hall H in time to let people in on time for 'AVATAR'. And that's exactly what happened. While there were tons of empty seats, they closed the doors because it started. This did not bode well for the nerds outside. Very quickly rumblings started there about the Twilight obsessed fans being there, but you also heard it around the exhibit floor. Of course it doesn't matter what they say, Summit pays a lot of cash to have them there so that means that they will indeed be there. But the Comic Con faithful have spoken, and they are not welcome. One can only hope for some sort of a rumble to take place in the Gaslamp District.

Let's move on shall we? Much of today was spent walking around and getting a feel for what is in store. The exhibit floor is as large and crowded as always. It was great to see that many of the studios have changed their set ups. However what hasn't changed is the craziness of people wanting to get free stuff. People shove, people push, parents use their kids as human shields. All is fair in love and swag. I found myself getting ready to take photo's of people and then would start to just feel bad for them. But I'm sure I'll be over that by tomorrow. I did take some pictures today, so be sure to head to our Flickr stream to see what's been added.

In movie news, during today's Disney 3D animation panel Robert Zemeckis spoke briefly about the idea of a sequel to 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' He said that he can neither confirm nor deny anything about a sequel being planned. However he did say that if a sequel were to be made, the 2D animation would stay 2D. This is great news. Let's see what the future has in store and who will be the new voice of Jessica Rabbit because...well, have you heard Kathleen Turner lately? Next we got a glimpse at Terry Gilliam's new movie, 'The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus'. Many of you may know it as Heath Ledger's last movie. This is what he was filming when he passed away. While Terry did not want to give away a lot and didn't want to dwell on what happened, we did see glimpses of not only his performance, but at the performance of those that continued the movie for him. Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. After stepping through a magical mirror his character, and anyone else that steps through, are taken to magical worlds. This in turn changes his appearance with each trip through the mirror as he tries to save Dr. Parnassus' daughter from being married to the Devil played by Tom Waits. The footage looked great and the performances look just as good. It was very interesting to briefly see the change that happens when stepping through, but also amazing to see how it works for it. This is one that I can't wait to see. Terry also confirmed that he has re-obtained the rights to 'Don Quixote'. Contrary to some reports he said that no one has been cast and he is still looking for money to get the movie made. If you have not seen the documentary that was made about his last attempt at this story, do yourself and favor and go and rent 'Lost in La Mancha' right now.

And then there was 'Avatar'. I can tell you that the movie is very explosion-y and loud and that's all I can tell you. However, if you want to see 15 minutes of footage from the movie before it's released in December, get ready for 'Avatar Day'. This will be on June 21 in every available 3D venue around the globe. Cameron wants people to get a peek at the movie but he wants to make sure that it's being seen where it will be seen the way he wants it to. As details and locations are announced you can count on us giving you the information.

That's it for today. Tomorrow will be filled with lots of news and more pictures. Don't forget to follow our Twitter feed (which is now conveniently located to the left) for breaking news. And our Flickr account gets updated throughout the day as well. Don't forget to let us know if you are around Comic Con. We would love to meet you and say hi.

See you tomorrow San Diego.

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