Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comic Con 2009 - Wrap Up

Another Comic Con has come gone, and what did we learn? We learned that disillusioned people believe that card board cut outs are equal to real people. We learned that when nerds panic and run because they think they are going to miss an exclusive, they run from side to side and their arms out front like Frankenstein's monster. We learned that people believe that because they are in line they deserve to be let in somewhere even if there is no more room. We learned that a large group of police officers won't pay attention to a guy going to the bathroom in public right in front of them, but try finish crossing a street when then the light starts flashing and they will yell at you as if you just drop kicked a fetus. We also learned that Steampunk is the new goth, goth is now vampire and vampire's are now lame. Sidenote: If you are into Steampunk, that's fine. But please drop the awful fake English accent. We know you're from Brea, not Victorian era England. So when you try to pick up on an attractive woman who you KNOW is Steampunk, don't try to pick up on her by asking if she's into steampunk and then not know what to say after that. Especially when it's in front of me, because I'm just going to call you out as a moron....right now. You're a moron.

Okay, what else happened this past week at Comic Con? So much news..but how do we narrow it down? Well let's just cover what was some of the best stuff to come out this week. First for me has to be Disney's viral marketing party for "Tron Legacy". This was done so well that we talked about it the rest of our time there. With Flynn's Arcade in the Gaslamp and only a neon sigh and a piece of paper taped to a door, there was nothing else of note to let you know it was there. It was word of mouth, happen upon it or respond to our tweetup. You can see more about it in our Day 2 report.

The other big impact makers were Peter Jackson (District 9), Tim Burton (9, Alice in Wonderland), James Cameron (Avatar) and Jon Favreau (Iron Man 2). Once they had their panels everyone was talking about them. Instead of telling you what you missed, we are posting videos of many of the panels here throughout the week. Be sure to keep checking back.

This year the exhibit floor was the most crowded it has ever been. With a sell out crowd for each day, there was no way to avoid the crowd. Whether it was trying to get a soda or wondering how many hours in advance you would have to wait to get into a panel you really wanted to see, there was always someone in front of you. Even preview night was wall to wall people, making it even worse with the preview night exclusive merchandise. It's odd that people are told that things are limited to a certain number of items, but that all changes when the vendors see the cash. Suddenly it's the running of the dorks as they push and shove as they carry cases of figures that they just bought with their backpacks swaying back and forth as the swish their way from the Hasbro booth to the DC Comics booth right before running by the Warner Bros. booth for your oversized bag that you think is awesome but look like an even bigger....I digress. If last year was the year that the entire world finally started paying attention to the geek world, this was the year that everyone wanted to feel like they were a part of it. On day 1 we were in line to get into a panel when we met a family from Nebraska. Some of the nicest people we met while there. They planned their family vacation around going to Comic Con. To me that showed me what was at the core of this sea of nerdvana. People coming together for a week to not only enjoy every aspect of pop culture, but to point and laugh at other people while telling you're buddy, "Man, I'm sure glad I'm not that big of a dork."

What did you think of Comic Con this year? Are there any changes that you think they should make? Drop us a line: .

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