Monday, July 13, 2009

'Captain EO' to Return? is reporting that Disney Imagineers are currently taking a look at the Honey I Shrunk the Audience theater to see if they can bring back Captain EO at Walt Disney World. A source at Disneyland confirms to POParitaville that it could be coming back to the original Magic Kingdom as well. It's not too much of a surprise that they are looking at doing this since MJ passed away. Even prior to his death there was a sudden boom in the interest of Captain EO and a fond remembrance of the movie. (See our post) If they are able to do this, it would earn them a lot of kudos from fans and will definitely make a lot of people trek to the parks to experience it again. But there is no definite decision. There is probably no way they will bring it back if they have to make any major changes to the theater. For those that remember it (or worked it) you know that there are some effects that were built into the theater for the movie. How much of that was changed or taken out for HISTA? Also, what is the quality of the print? Digitizing it is out of the question because that would also mean a new projection system. A new print from the negative or just a cleaned up print may be the best option. We'll keep all of you posted as news comes out.

What say you? Should WDW and Disneyland bring back Captain EO?


  1. seems they need a little push. go to petitionspot (dot) com/petitions/mj2009 or petitionspot (dot) com/petitions/captaineo Let's give them some encouragement to make the right decision.

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  3. I actually own the only known existing copy of the blueprints for theater at Disneyland, outside of what they have at the archives.

    It can TOTALLY be done. The only changes they made were cosmetic and effects, and they added the moving floor for "Honey I Shrunk the Audience", which might actually be a great new element to add to the show.

    The only things (according to the blueprints) that have to be added are a smoke machine, 8 mounted laser projectors, 3 other mirrored reflector lights, and the fiber optic "Starfield" that covered the front wall and part of the ceiling. Other than that, it's the exact same as it was in 1986. They are also using the same sound system. So it just comes down to remounting lights and painting the outside of the theater/changing the signs.

    They could very easiliy reprint the films off of the negative, there is also a print already in the theater storage room that has never left (according to a theater CM I talked to).

    Very easy to do. I think the only thing that they have to do is get permission from the Jackson Estate since MJ had a say so in the film.

    I think it's a fantastic idea and it I know that Disneyland would be filled to capacity if they ran this again. It was a huge part of some many childhoods.

  4. I think MJ would be thrilled to bring back Captain EO. It is doable. Ask the family estate people to chip in for the remake of this wonderful childhood movie for this new generation. It is worth the investment.