Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are You Ready for Comic Con?!

Calling all nerds, geeks, gamers, movie lovers and comic book fans.... it's here! As of right now thousands of you are trying to figure out if you should show up as Wolverine or Dr. Manhattan. Well let me help you with that decision, neither. Trust me, you may love the characters and spent hours upon hours of research and make your outfit, and that's great. But please, for God's sake, think of the children! Think of me! For you ladies planning on showing up as Slave Leia or Asuka, reeaaalllly think about this. Okay, so you've made your outfit choices (some of you probably didn't listen to me) and have figured out what panels you're going to try to get into, so it's off to San Diego!

We will be covering the convention floor through out the entire weekend. Every day we'll be posting our coverage here as we are able to. Be sure to follow us on Twitter as well for news, updates and just plain silliness as well. We'll be having a tweetup sometime this weekend as well so make sure you're following us. You can find us here: @POParitaville, @TheEdley and @ReevesReel. We'll see you there!

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