Monday, June 8, 2009

WWDC + Apple News = AT&T Kills The iPhone..Sort Of

Today was day one of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), or perhaps what will now be called WATTKTi (When AT&T Killed The iPhone). What could I possibly be talking about? Well today is the day when the higher up credit takers from Apple stand in front of their cult to remind them why the worship the forbidden fruit. But alas, the Jesus Phone (or iPhone) that was unveiled today had almost everything that users cried for....except Adobe Flash Player!!!....but there was something that almost made them throw down their pocket protectors and push up their taped horn rimmed glasses and storm the Bastille. Why? Because cool new features on the new iPhone 3GS and the update 3.0 coming this month will NOT be available to users in the USA immediately. That's right, the same country that gave the world one of the coolest toys of the decade cannot use some of the new features because AT&T service does not support it right now. Want to send a picture message after the 3.0 update next week? Too bad. Feel like tethering your iPhone to your laptop via wifi? So sorry. But at least we'll be able to cut and paste finally. A spokesperson for AT&T told,
"We plan to offer a tethering plan, but don’t have an announcement to make at this time..."
How can you be the exclusive carrier of what some consider the top must have device in recent years and not already have the capability in place? Users can only hope that Apple is seriously considering jumping ship after their contract expires with AT&T. Some of you may think that I'm crazy and just speculating here. Well, you're mostly right. But at today's conference where the most loyal members of the church of Jobs come to ooh and ahh, something happened. They openly laughed at points in the presentation, and even booed. They booed when it was passed over very quickly that some of these features are ready to roll out in over 22 countries next week, with the USA not on the list. But there was good news for those considering (why would you) signing up with AT&T to be a part of the iPhone addicts. Beginning next week, there will be an introductory 8GB version for $99. But remember, if you decide that you want to break your contract when they take the jump over to Verizon or T-Mobile, your $99 model turns into a $700 pain. Maybe AT&T didn't really kill the iPhone today, but it did just prove that it is an after thought to them. "Can you hear me now?" Nope, my service doesn't work in this country. The ball is in your court Palm Pre.

Take the jump over to for more about AT&T dropping the ball.
Take the jump over to to read the live blog from the Apple press event, including more details on the new Apple laptops and what's new in their software.

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