Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson

In 1983 I was little kid living in Alhambra, California. One evening I layed on the floor in the living room watching the Motown 25th Anniversary Special on T.V. As long as I can remember I loved watching performers, I loved musicals, I just loved entertainment. So of course, I watched it. I remember people saying it was a big deal that the Jacksons would be performing together again after so many years. I knew their music and I liked it, but had never really seen them perform before. Then I got to see this:

I loved it, but something else happened that night. His brothers left the stage, Michael was alone, and then...

It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I wanted to be an entertainer. Well this breakout performance created a public demand for Michael and classic Michael. I was finally able to see what a kid with more talent than anything I had ever seen performed like. Here a couple of my favorite performances:

And then his album 'Thriller' hit, and history was made. Not only in album sales, but he revolutionized music videos.  MTV would not be what it is today if it was not for him.  

In my last year working at Disneyland, I got to help direct a show called 'Flashback'; and in it we knew that we had to put in a Michael Jackson number.  But not just any had to be 'Thriller'.  This was in 2001, (before the resurgence of it last year).  And the response from the audience when the music started and some of the original choreography kicked in proved that it still was special. (Unfortunately I only have this performance on video tape right now).  As innovative and great as that mini-movie is, here are a couple of other videos that are also some of my favorites:

Just last month I posted a story about remembering his Disney Attraction 'Captain EO'. Take the jump here to read that and watch it for some great memories.

I could go on and on talking about this, about him, but I won't.  His impact didn't only effect me, it was around the world.  I'm not talking about his recent years right now.  We all saw what happened to him.  But I always think back to that evening in 1983.  By watching him I learned how to be a performer.  I was introduced to the arts, and in a sense, it was on the night in Alhambra that I discovered who I was.

Michael, you once sang 'Have You Seen My Childhood'; I want to thank you for giving me mine.

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