Monday, June 8, 2009

Lakers vs. Magic = Disneyland vs. WDW

While listening to the last game of the Lakers/Nuggets series (when the Lakers SPANKED the Nuggets on their home court) the commentator cracked a joke about it being Disneyland vs. Disney World in the Finals. I laughed when I heard that, more because I was giddy from the win than with it being hysterically funny. But when the Mouse smells cheese they run with it. I got this today:

My first thought upon seeing this was, "When did Byron Allen become President of Disneyland." Then I realized my mistake and thought about it some more. I find this funny for other reasons as well. First, because the Lakers are the Los Angeles Lakers, not the Los Angeles Lakers of Anaheim (like some idiots thought it would be good to name the Angels). Next, because no one, and I mean nooooo one outside of Disney/ABC/ESPN..but mostly Disney.. are calling it the Fantasyland series. So just stop it; you sound stupid. Lastly, because someone in Orlando seriously thinks that the Magic are going to win. Come on, I love a good show, I love an exciting ride and I love churros, but WDW please. I hate to break it to you, your boss is about to wear some Lakers purple and gold. As a loyal, life long Lakers fan and a former Jungle Cruise Skipper, I have to side with my Los Angeles Lakers and the original Mouse House. Now I need me some purple ears! Go Lakers!!

Ears POPped by Jungle Jesse

The Clippers are in line at Knott's Berry Farm.


  1. How about some coverage of hockey? It's the Stanley Cup Finals tonight and that is a lot more interesting than basketball.

  2. What is this hockey you speak of?