Friday, June 19, 2009

'Heroes' at Comic Con This Year?

Since the summer before it's premiere, NBC's 'Heroes' has always had a strong presence at Comic Con. Last year they even made sure that they were in the largest room at the convention center to hold not only a panel discussion, but to also premiere the season's first episode months before it aired. This is also the venue that the original pilot was aired to drum up interest in the show from the fans that would really help it work. And it did work. 'Heroes' easily became NBC's breakout hit of 2006, and support from comic book fans and people who didn't know an arch villain from an Achilles tendon (that was a stretch, I know) showed TV execs that the nerd world was cool and it was here to stay.

Cut to a couple of weeks ago. As news is starting to come out about who will be attending Comic Con this year, word gets out that there will be no 'Heroes' panel in San Diego next month. Wha wha what? You read that right. No Heroes panel at Comic Con this year. According to Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune, a rep for Universal Media Studios said:

"Heroes" will "have a presence" at Comic Con in various ways, but that presence will not involve the typical panel discussion that is the staple of Comic Con.

Okaaayyy? But 'Heroes' creator Tim Kring says that he and some cast members plan on attending to give a sneek peek. So what on earth is going on? Are people not communicating? Did someone get confused calling the Help Desk for GE? Did NBC Uni decide it was too costly to put on a panel in this time of low ad revenue? (Although at CC you can create good buzz to help your show gain lost ground. If it's good, that is.) Will they not have the premiere episode cut in time to warrant a good preview? (That I can understand.) Or are they worried that the fans who loved this show and want to see it get back on track, will not hold back their comments and questions during a panel discussion? I have no idea. All I know is that if you were planning on dressing as Spock Syler this year, you'll have to try and find out which booth the cast will be at to show off, because that may be the only place to try and find out what's going on.

Take the jump to the Chicago Tribune for more information.

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