Tuesday, June 2, 2009

E3 - Day 2

Today came and went with two large presentations today by Nintendo and Sony.. for me there weren't really any mind blowing announcements.  Nothing that made us think that they were helping the robots take over the world.  Quick note to all of the major companies... please stop letting your Executives speak.  The speeches are filled with awkward pauses as they wait for forced applause from a small spattering of people.  They try to be overly dramatic and funny, but it just doesn't work.  Take for instance the head of Sony, when he announced teaming up with Disney to create a lilac PSP bundled with a Hannah Montana game.  There was sarcastic cheering and he thought they hit a home run.  Sorry dude.  That was the Nintendo DS team who couldn't believe Sony was making that instead of them.  Alright, enough of that.  Here are the few highlights from today:

Wii Motion Plus
This was announced last year and demo'd, but it still hasn't become available.  So they presented it again to tell everyone, "No, really.. it's coming."

Super Mario Galaxy 2
It's Mario in different galaxies.  Hooray?

As they said during the presentation, it was one of the worst kept secrets of E3.  This new handheld device from Sony will now be able to download from the free PSN Store (games, movies).  You can tell from the new design that they are definitely trying to compete with the iPhone/iPod Touch.  The same type of screen but with a slide out controller that used the same layout as before..except now the controls are a lot closer which means you'll really only be using your thumbs.  This gets a resounding...meh.

Assassins Creed II
Much like the first one, the graphics look fantastic.  This time you are in the Renaissance.  This is sure to be a lot of fun, but again not a whole lot new.

PS3 Motion Controller
This was a great demonstration of what is in store for the future of the PS3...maybe.  They say that it will be launching in spring of 2010, but it looked really rough for something that is to be released in just a year.  If they can really get it right as a home controller and developers really come on board with this, it could be what finally helps the PS3 become a dominating force in the console wars.  The question is, will the cost still keep it from being something that holds it back? 


What say you?  What did you think of today's announcements?

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