Thursday, May 14, 2009

What The App?

Who says that pop culture and the latest tech toys can't help save the planet?  Well, I don't know if anyone has really ever said that, but if someone ever does..they would be wrong.  To that point we give you POParitaville's latest 'What The App?' selection... 'Seafood Watch Seafood Guide'.  The Seafood Watch Guide is a part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program.  What exactly is that, you say?  The Seafood Watch Guide is something that you can take with you either to a restaurant or to the store that will help you make choices based on not only what is healthy for you, but what is the best for the planet.  The list is based by region across the country and is broken down by Best Choice, Good Alternative, and Avoid.  You might come across something on the list that is in the Avoid category and wonder why.  Well all you have to do is click on that selection and it'll tell you why it has been placed on that list.  You quickly learn how the food choices we make impact the food chain as a whole.  Not only that but you'll also learn why some are not something you want to be eating just for your personal health.  (Farmed Salmon?  No thank you.)  

Here at POParitaville we strive to bring you the latest in all areas of pop culture with the usual snarkiness, we don't want to preach.  But this is such a different and unique app that it would be a shame not to share it with all of you.  The Seafood Watch program may be new to you, but many restaurants and chef's are beginning to join in.  As a matter of fact, this weekend the Monterey Bay Aquarium will be hosting their annual Cooking for Solutions event at the Aquarium.  Chef's from across the country will be coming in to prepare samples of dishes and wineries will showcase organic and sustainable wines.  Celebrity Chef Alton Brown will be on hand to give demonstrations.  Your POParitaville Guru Jungle Jesse is lucky enough to be attending the gala event on Friday night and will be tweeting his food adventures.  Sustainable food is something that more and more people will start looking towards in this age of hybrids and going green while reducing your carbon foot print as you watch Al Gore's latest slide show.  And now, thanks to 'What The App?', you'll be on the cutting edge when you go to that sushi restaurant on Sunset and whip out your iPhone to consult with before you order.  Your friends will ask, "Hey.  Whatcha' got there?"  Then you too can get all preachy and feel good about it.

You can download the free app here.

Take the jump for more information on the Seafood Watch Program.

Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium's web site for information on this weekend's Cooking for Solutions event.  

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  1. I've used this app a couple times and now I feel so much smarter when I order and get to be all preachy about it.