Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Want To Party With Dave Matthews? Here's Your Chance!

Do have hundreds of friends who would be eager to party and listen to an advance copy of The Dave Matthews Band's new album?  Are you on Facebook?  Do you tweet at all hours of the day?  Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost?  Well my friend then this contest/party may just be for you then.  DMB is having a contest right now to see who can set up Event Pages in Facebook with a guest list of at least over 100 people attending.  They will then choose some winners that will get an advance (water marked for you thieves) copy of their album before it's release date of June 2nd.  Then after your listening party, you'll submit a video showing off your party.  What if they choose your party/video as the best?  Then you my friend will be flown out to West Palm Beach, FL to meet Dave and the band and see their concert from the front row.  How's about them Ants Go Marching, huh.  Here's the trick, you need to have the entry form filled out by 11:59 pm TONIGHT if you want to take part in this!  Take the jump over to DMB's official site for the rules and to enter. 

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