Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scorsese Swoons for 'Sinatra'!

Martin Scorsese has announced plans to make a movie about the life of Frank Sinatra.  Producer Cathy Shulman told Variety that Leonardo DiCaprio is an obvious candidate for the role of Frank.  Hmmm.. I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I like Leo, but I don't know about playing Sinatra.  According to Variety's story, since they are going to be using Frank's recordings they don't need to cast an actor who can sing.  To me the problem would be that we'll watch the movie and think, "Oh look, it's Leo lip syncing to Sinatra."  But I must put my faith in Mr. Scorsese that he will make sure that the actor that does end up portraying Frank completely embodies him so that we're not just watching an actor, but feel like we are watching Frank Sinatra singing with Count Basie leading the band behind him.  My question is what areas of his life will we be looking at?  Does this mean that he'll be casting the rest of The Rat Pack as well?  I have no idea, but man oh man am I excited about this movie.  What say you?  Who do you think should be cast as Frank, or the members of The Rat Pack? 
Phil Alden Robinson is set to write the screenplay.  He is the writer of a favorite of mine, 'Sneakers'; sadly he also wrote 'Rhinestone'. 
Take the jump over to Variety more info paly.


  1. I love the homage to Variety in tht title.

  2. Perhaps the part of Joey Bishop has already been cast?