Wednesday, May 6, 2009

POParitaville EXCLUSIVE! Is Disney To Blame For Real Pirates?

Some people can stretch the imagination so far as to make it ridiculous.  This is one of those cases.  A guest concern was passed on to us that the Disney company received.  Here is what is said:

“As I grew up I understood who the pirates were but not why Disney chose to portray them as fun for kids. I know you follow the news and realize that pirates have always raped, pillaged, murdered, and robbed boats in international waters and along coastlines, such as Somalia. Pirates thrive in Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, and everywhere in the oceans of the world. Maybe Disney should apologize to Richard Phillips’ wife and family for making so much money on the backs of piracy.”

So let me get this straight, do they think that at some point in time these pirates went to Disneyland and said, "Hey, that was a fun ride.  I think we should go to Somalia or everywhere in the ocean's of the world and take a freighter captain so that some of us can then get killed by Navy SEALS while we try to get a ransom for him.  That sounds like FUN!  Now let's find out laughing place!"  Yeah.  That sounds about right.  


  1. Perhaps that person should have a discussion about the truth of piracy with their child, instead of letting a media corporation educate them...oh, wait, that would be parenting. Silly, me. Good luck with the baby, Bristol.