Friday, May 1, 2009

ORLANDO NERD ALERT: The Force is Coming This June!

Star Wars Weekend's hits Orlando this June at the Disney Hollywood Studios (aka: Disney/MGM Studios, aka: theme park where nothing is filmed but they try real hard to pretend it's a hubbub of activity).  These are dedicated weekends at the Disney park where fans of the best trilogy in the world can come and meet some of the people who brought the stories to life.  This year fans will get to meet people like Daniel Logan, Jake Lloyd and Amy Allen.  ( I didn't say they were big names.)  To be fair, David Prowse and Peter Mayhew will be there as well.  I have to give props to Disney for their promotional posters.  The Darth Vader one made me laugh out loud.  Take the jump over the Star Wars Weekend's page for more information and take the jump over to Movieline for all of the promotional posters.    

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